Special Needle Roller Bearings


Material:Main part: Medium carbon steel; Steel balls: High

Color:Five-color electroplating

Minimum Order:No minimum order

Delivery Lead Time:Depending on quantity

Delivery FOB Port:Keelung

Payment Condition:Cash/check

Detail Specifications

‧The inner and outer rings of spherical bearings are of high-carbon, high-chrome bearing steel. Quenched and ground track surfaces undergo phosphate-treatment and are MoS2-plated to assure low torque, wear resistance, and capability of working with auto-centering slide bearings; especially suitable for high radius and bilateral axial load required by end-production machinery and construction machinery.
‧Rod end bearing is an auto-centering spherical slide bearing, which can bear high radius load and bilateral axial load at the same time. The inserted inner ring slides atop the copper alloy bush and is combined with the galvanized main unit, which has an oil nozzle to lubricate the spherical surfaces. Available in PHS and POS series (of metric specifications), as well as AR and ARE series (of British specifications).